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Members Helping Members:  Dynamic exchange of ideas, resources, and solutions between business leaders and senior executives provides ARPM members with a distinct advantage in the rubber industry market place.
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Best Practices and Industry Studies:  Rubber manufacturing executives looking to make better decisions faster use the results of ARPM’s benchmarking studies to determine where their organization stacks up to the rest of the industry.  Understanding performance gaps can lead to better more focused decisions ultimately impacting the bottom line. 
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Company Savings Programs:  With hundreds of rubber businesses, ARPM is able to use economies of scale and enhanced leverage to obtain better pricing and opportunities for its Members.  These discount and price advantage programs positively impacts the bottom lines of each ARPM member. 
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Executive Training:  Well trained employees give rubber manufacturing companies a competitive edge. ARPM in partnership with Custom Rubber Corp. has enhanced the previous training CDs provide by RMA to an online format for members. Members are able to access any training video 24/7. In addition, to ensure its members stay up-to-date on technology changes, ARPM offers on-going technology presentations via the use of state-of-the-art web technology conferences. Executives and processing associates no longer have to leave the plant to gain access to the best rubber industry minds in the business.

Business and Technical Resource Directory:  The most dynamic rubber industry networking tool, ARPM’s Business and Technical Resource Directory functions as a who’s who in rubber manufacturing.  The old saying, “don’t reinvent the wheel” is a philosophy that ARPM takes very seriously.  Time is money so ARPM ensures its Members are equipped with direct access to industry contacts who have years of experience in ALL aspects of manufacturing.  ARPM Members don’t waste time finding resources since the resources are literally at their finger tips; instead they use their time working with resources to solve their problems.  Simply put, ARPM has created a dynamic environment where rubber professionals actively help rubber manufacturers.

Business Opportunities:  ARPM acts as a clearing house for Rubber Manufacturers End Users, OEMs, and Rubber Component Users.  Research & Development Engineers, Designers, and Purchasing professionals often use ARPM to find the right processor to make their elastomer products.  Companies who are in need of finding rubber manufacturers will use ARPM’s well seeded network to find the capabilities they need for tooling, low and high production jobs, prototyping and more.


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