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Posted:  12 May 2015 18:05
The quality of the gloves that we use for our milling operations has been deteriorating over the last year. We have now reached a point that we would like to change to a different glove. We were wondering if anyone could offer any recommendations of gloves that work well from them. We are looking for a glove that is heat resistant and also will not shed possible contaminates into our products. Our current glove is a loose fitting unlined goat skin model. The problem that we are facing is that they have been getting progressively thinner to the point now that they no longer provide adequate protection from the rubber temperatures. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Charlie Christie

Charlie Christie
Posted:  13 May 2015 17:09
We, at Lavelle Industries, Inc., use a cotton chore glove, Grainger PN# 5MPK6.

Deborah Scheffler
Posted:  13 May 2015 21:21
We buy our Hot Mill gloves from Broner,

1750 HARMON RD   
Phone #: 800 521 1318   
   Fax #: 1-248 391 5001

We buy PN 2-8854,  Heat Champ 24 oz Hot Mill Band Top Cuff for   37.44/doz.      I am not aware of any problems with these gloves.

You can also go on their website, 

Sharon Ceglie
Posted:  15 May 2015 21:02
I would suggest a 5AV90 size L or 5AP60 size S 16 oz. loop in terrycloth glove.  This glove is rated at 250 degrees. 

Ed Stockton | Field Safety Specialist |WW Grainger
317-691-1580 |

Ed Stockton
Posted:  20 May 2015 18:19
We get ours from PPE (

Item # P45275-OH

They are cotton gloves.


Charlie Braun