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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Materials / Aspiring Engineer Needs Your Help
Posted:  23 Mar 2015 18:57
An aspiring engineer needs your help.... she is a 5th grader who has the idea of making a dog toy out of Rubber lacrosse ball material. 

She has this to say: My whole class participates in a program in CT called Invention Convention ...    the statewide program is open to K-8 students and” is designed to develop, encourage, and enhance critical thinking skills through invention, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

She is interested in creating a chew toy for dogs out of the same material as a lacrosse ball. She needs some information…

For a full copy of her request please click here. ...

To reach this aspiring engineer contact
Posted:  20 May 2015 18:21
Custom Rubber Corp. was able to help this person out.  Her project was a success although she was unable to make a prototype at home.  We talked her out of trying to boil down some existing rubber products to try and cast her own shape.

Charlie Braun
Posted:  20 May 2015 18:29
Dear Custom Rubber Staff:

You may have just converted a young student into our profession!

Thank you for taking time to impact the big picture.  We can make a difference by touching one person at a time!

Troy Nix
ARPM Executive Director