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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Equipment / Ultra Sonic Mold Cleaning
Posted:  02 Mar 2015 22:10
We are looking into purchasing an ultra-sonic mold cleaning system and wondered what is required to deal with the chemicals involved? If any company's are using one what procedures or equipment are you using to handle the caustic chemicals.

Thank you in advance for the information and advice. 

John Bellett
Custom Rubber Corp.

John Bellett
Posted:  02 Mar 2015 23:08
Hello John,
Back in my latex days, we used an ultrasonic tank cleaning system.  We used Oakite products and yes they were caustic.  I don't remember the exact chemistry, but to dispose of the waste we neutralized and pump to the city sewer system. 
Your disposal method might have to be different based the residue and byproduct. 
Good luck

Gregg Reinmann
Posted:  04 Jun 2015 21:47
Hi John,

Back in my manufacturing days, we also had an ultrasonic mold cleaning system.  Like John mentioned above, we also used a highly caustic solution for the cleaning process.  In our case, we were using a product from Henkel. 

When it was time to change the cleaning solution, we had to treat the used wash solution primarily by balancing the pH using sulfuric acid.  After treatment, we were able to dispose of the liquid as a low level liquid waste via a company similar to Safety Kleen (vacuum truck).  The exact treatment requirements and disposal methods however are going to be determined by your municipality / local government and type of soils from your molds. 

Hope this helps!

Marc Vonderlage