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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Job Openings / Process Engineer & Qulaity Control Specialist Needed
Posted:  02 Mar 2015 18:51
Seeking Rubber Process Engineer & Quality Control Specialist in Greater Pittsburgh, PA

Wabtec Corporation is one of North America’s largest providers of value-added, technology-based products and services for the rail industry.

Wabtec Rubber Products specializes in producing custom-molded rubber products in standard or customized compounds.

PROCESS ENGINEER: BS in Engineering or related field. 5 years’ work experience in rubber compounds and processes. Experienced in customer rubber molding, compound mixing, rubber to metal & fabric bonding, calendering, injection, transfer, and compression molding.

QUALITY CONTROL SPECIALIST: Technical degree and 3 years’ quality inspection experience in rubber manufacturing. Positively identify and troubleshoot defects related to rubber molding process such as blisters, non-fills, flow-lines, dispersion, etc.

Apply at:
Requisition ID: 2014-1774 OR 2015-1936
Visit our Website:
Equal Opportunity Employer

Nancy Taormina