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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Equipment / Boling 60X20 Mill Training
Posted:  16 Dec 2014 00:18
We recently bought a Boling 60X20 Mill at an auction, and are almost done doing all the necessary repairs to make sure the machine is safe to operate.

Does anyone know of a Consultation firm in Houston that can provide training to our operators on how to operate the machine, and what to do in case of an emergency?

Maria Medina
Posted:  16 Dec 2014 15:47
1. ARPM or RMA has a mill safety video which provides the basic steps for a mill extraction.  If you have someone in the Akron area, we would be happy to perform a mill extraction drill.  We have (2) 60" mills.
2.  Rubber City Machinery: Bob Westfall 330-434-3500 is very experienced with mills and safeties.  He may be able to help.
3. Akron University: Tayba Lynne Tahir 330-972-8661,  We have used them a few times to train and qualify operators on lab mills which can be very dangerous due to the small roll diameter.

Hope this helps. 

Regan McHale