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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Training for Lab Technicians
Posted:  18 Mar 2013 13:55
Dear ARPM Members:

I would like to find training resources that you may use to educate new quality technicians on the various equipment found in many Q/C labs.

Are there any specific training resources or materials that are commonly used to help new employees to the quality department more quickly understand how to use basic testing equipment?

Troy Nix
Posted:  18 Mar 2013 13:58
Troy - for specific equipment training, our lab folks usually rely on the test equipment manufacturer for such training.  I believe we've also established some basic SOP's for some of the more regularly used lab test pieces of equipment.  I will, however, check with them to see if there are other outside sources that we use.

Joel Edwards
Posted:  21 Mar 2013 15:41

We also rely on the test equipment manufacturers for training and utilize 3rd party labs (ARDL, Smithers)for testing which we are not capable of performing.These labs can be  be very helpful in training and interpreting the test data.  We also rely on Raw Material suppliers for some tests and technical support.

Regan McHale