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Posted:  12 Aug 2014 14:52
We have recently begun to look for a company to partner with that supplies laboratory equipment, service, and calibration. In the past we used techPro and enjoyed the experience of working with one source to control all of those products/services. Since they were bought by Alpha Technologies we have tried to keep our lab equipment and databases the same as before but with technology advancing we found ourselves in need of upgrading our entire lab, both the machines and the database.

Has anyone else been through this conversion that could share their experiences?

Also We have been looking at Alpha technologies and Montech/Bagan. Does anyone have any feedback on their dealings with either of these companies.

Charlie Christie
Posted:  12 Aug 2014 18:50
Hi Charlie,
We have/had techPro equipment, and as you state, it is becoming obsolete.  There are communication cards in the old PCs that are not working with the SQL network.  We have not found a fix either. 

Our recent purchase is Alpha's Pioneer Rheometer.  We bought the network software package too.  All good, we are happy with the performance.  Our calibration is currently done by US Calibration, 330-548-2705, Jim Myers.  Of course, Alpha provides calibration services too.

Gregg Reinmann