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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / How do you develop professionally?
Posted:  21 Jul 2014 00:01
Dear ARPM Members:

I am interested in obtaining new ideas on continuous improvement relative to how others work to grow their business knowledge and skill sets.

I have been talking to various business leaders about the methods they use to grow their own business and leadership skills.  One company leader told me that he sets aside time every morning to read books that have been recommended to him by other leaders.  (He will usually allocate about 30 minutes to do this and takes comprehensive notes on ideas generated in the process.)

Another business professional told me that before the start of each work day, he will listen / watch podcasts or recorded webinars.  He does this while multi-tasking using two computer screens.

I'm interssted in learning how you develop your own knowledge and skill sets.  What are you doing to improve?

Thank you for sharing if you can.

Very Sincerely,

Troy Nix
ARPM Executive Director
Posted:  21 Jul 2014 14:27
Good morning, Troy, & the ARPM team/members,
At Blair Rubber, we endorse continual growth.  We initiated an appretice program this year to train interested employees for future roles.  We're excited to develop the next generation.

We also have fostered technical exchanges between our vendors and the lab staff.  There is a great quantity of knowledge amoung the supply chain.  We have had reviews on carbon black, nano-technology, 3D printers, devulcanization, and silane-coupling agents. 

These efforts are necessary to keep fresh and to engage creative thought.  Thanks for the question Troy!  I look forward to reading how others address this situation,

Gregg Reinmann