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Posted:  08 Jul 2014 21:38
We are currently interviewing and evaluating a variety of wellness providers and programs.  I keep hearing that either employers see a significant ROI for wellness programs in the health of their employees and the cost of their benefit programs or they don't see any ROI and that their employees do not participate.  What do you think ?  What have you seen ?  Can you recommend a program ?  or recommend a provider ?  Thank you

Posted:  09 Jul 2014 15:10
We have had a wellness program through aultra for about 6 years.  it is very difficult to track and measure any savings.  My sense is that true savings are modest.  However, we have about a 70% participation rate(they get 15% discount on premiums)  which requires all participants and covered spouses to take an annual physical.  This alone has at least created a base line for disease prevention.  In a few cases we uncovered serious medical conditions and we have had a moderately successful weight loss and smoking cessation program.  The biggest benefit has been a companywide health consciousness that has been very positive and the perception that we care has had many other peripheral benefits.
The bottom line: jury still out for us, hard numbers remain elusive, but my sense is we have saved money and we have certainly saved a few individuals from serious health crises.
Any interest in further dialogue welcome…
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Drew Ney