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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Developing a 4/10 per day work week
Posted:  08 Jul 2014 20:42
Has anyone tried to develop a 4 day/10 hours per day week?

Posted on behalf of Lori Smith

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Posted:  08 Jul 2014 20:49
Our company has one facility set up with a 4 day/10 hour schedule.  It was initially implemented due to low demand.  The employees liked it very much because of the long weekends and fewer trips.  The plant is in a rural area and many employees travel long distances and with gas prices fewer trips was a measureable advantage.  I am personally not a fan of this type of schedule because once in place it is difficult to revoke and it is a poor use of assets (read that OEE).  I would be happy to discuss further by telephone.

Kirk Bowman
Posted:  08 Jul 2014 23:29
We have used a 4 day work week for several years.  We have felt that by eliminating one day a week of start up and shut down time we have saved ourselves labor costs and energy costs.  Obviously our employees like the longer weekends, but the downside is that they are not happy to come in for overtime when our schedule requires it. 

Daniel Baker
Posted:  09 Jul 2014 14:10
Lori, I found information that Poly-Cast started this a while back and found this posting several years ago.  Doug inclued his email incase you want to reach out to him.  Here is what he said:

"We have recently made this transition to 2 shifts.  To best utilize resources and minimize the added costs, we staggered 1/2 of the employee shift times by 2 hours.  Everyone works a 10 hour shift, and we are able to keep heavily utilized machines runnig 24 hours." 

Drop my an e-mail at if you would like to discuss further.

Troy Nix
Posted:  22 Jul 2014 14:52
Lori, Custom Rubber Corp. has a 4x10hr work week for many, many years.  We also had a part time shift that filled the 4 hour gap so we could run 4-8 machines 4x24.  It was nice in a way because we could use Fridays for OT without taxing our employees too much.
We switched very recently to 5x8 because we found we were so busy we were running 5 or 6 days of 10 hours and people were getting burnt out. 
We've found a number of benefits to the 5x8:
1) we eliminated two 10 minute breaks and this increased output because the machines pause only once per shift instead of 3 times per shift
2) even though we added staff to evenly staff all three shifts, our total labor costs stayed about the same because we eliminated so much overtime.
Kyle Godhard is our HR person, feel free to contact him for more information at 216-391-2928 x128.