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Posted:  24 Jun 2014 21:15
Some of our employees have asked about getting all employees and their families together for some sort of "event".  I'm looking for suggestions and ideas - what has or hasn't worked for you in the past ?   

Posted:  04 Jul 2014 18:16
Lisa, we have a member in Avon Lake, Ohio that rented out the baseball park and had a FULL day of fun for friends and family.  (Games, food, dunk tanks, tents, and on...)

The employees really enjoy and look forward to this day as the entire plant shuts down and the focus is on the development of relationships!

I think they just did this yesterday, on July 3rd.  I can put you in contact with their HR professional if you would like to learn more.

Happy 4th of July!

Troy NIx
Posted:  07 Jul 2014 15:13
Blair has been going to Cedar Point for the last probably 7 years and employees loved it at first, however the attendance is steadily declining. And we are only together as a group for about 2 hours and the rest of the day families are off on their own. We are looking at an event more like what Troy describes above for next year. According to our accountant who has been here a long time, events where employees get to bring their families to our plant are very successful. They like to tour the building and see what their loved ones do every day. Good luck!

Amber Trost
Posted:  07 Jul 2014 23:40
I've always wanted to have a pig-roast/pot luck for all our employees and their families.  I was thinking about having it at a park, but it might be nice to allow tours for people's families also.
Posted:  08 Jul 2014 21:33
Thank you everyone !  These are all good suggestions we can work with.  We actually started last year with our first annual (and have scheduled this year's second annual) front yard picnic.  Which is a tent, table, chairs and the food is provided smoked and bbq'd by Terrible Tom's.  This so far has been an employee event; our concern has been safety issues with allowing friends and families to tour the facility.  Perhaps, we could do something similar on a weekend - while we are shut down and invite our families; Ravenna even has a "Balloon A Fair" each fall with a parade - maybe we could incorporate that into our event.  Thank you again for the suggestions, it has started the wheels turning.  Lisa
Posted:  09 Jul 2014 14:21
Lisa, I wanted to add to Charlie's comments as I had the opportunity to tour a 250 employee operation in the machining industry that I would place in the top 10 percentile in terms of best practice companies.

Annually, they put on an event for the employees and entice them to bring their friends, family, neighbors, teachers, students ... to enjoy a day in the facility.  They have great food, outside entertainment, and fun activities.

They have found this to be a very rewarding experience as the employees have a tremondous opportunity to show their kids, loved ones, friends, ect what they do.  They are proud of their facility.

This event has greatly benefited the company and has helped substantially in thier efforts to be recognized as a best in class employer locally.  They receive job applications and many referrals that can be tied directly back to this event.  Also, since family members better understand the business, each employee has more of a support group when business and hours get crazy.

Great bonding and a well planned strategy.

If you want to talk with the comapny owner, I will set you up ASAP.

Troy Nix
Posted:  09 Jul 2014 19:08

It looks like you have lots of feedback.  We have tried many different kinds of events ranging from front yard picnics to amusement parks, employee and spouse dinners, etc.  I think the most successful has been the picnic on the front lawn when the plant is shut down with food and various activies like bounce tents, dunk tanks (management in the tank!), games, etc. At times we have also included a plant tour.

Kirk Bowman