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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Finding Qualified Candidates
Posted:  09 Jun 2014 20:34
Finding qualified candidates for our entry level production associate positions has truly been a challenge for us.  Would you mind sharing what venues you are using or have used to staff your facilities ?  Thank you in advance for sharing.

Lisa, HR Manager
Posted:  09 Jun 2014 21:37
Lisa, we have not had any problems finding qualified candidates for our production associates.  We typically use ads in the local paper, referrals and temp services to fill our positions.  I wish I could offer you some more innovative technique.

Posted:  10 Jun 2014 16:26
Our preference is to hire directly but lately we have not had enough applicants.  As a result we have had to revert to a temporary staffing service.  One thing we've started doing with the Temporary service is holding a 3 hour long orientations for groups of potential temporary employees.  A quick interview is done with each potential temp. during this 3 hours. Someone from the Temporary service also attends the orientation and we are not charged for the temporary's time.
This has helped us weed out people who will not fit well and it gives us a stable of candidates to move quickly on when needed.

Posted:  24 Jun 2014 21:11
Thank you Charlie and Kirk for your suggestions.  We do use local papers and have recently started an employee referral program.  We work closely with several staffing agencies and always do an interview with their candidates which includes a facility tour.  Based on your suggestions, we are doing the right things . . . and we are weeding out the candidates that are not a good fit.  In the next few weeks we are actually going to have an agency recruit on site - hoping for some great turn out.  Thank you again !