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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / how members value Industrial Supplier Directories as marketing tools
Posted:  04 Jun 2014 22:07   Last Edited By: Poly Seal Industries
We are in the process of reevaluating our marketing budget and I am wondering how other rubber manufacturers value industrial supplier directories such as GlobalSpec, Manta, ThomasNet and others.  We find that many prospective customers find us via Google searches their engineers or purchasing agents use.  Do other ARPM members find that the directories bring them new customers or RFQ's more effectively (or at least enough to cover the cost of the market program through those directories)?
Posted:  04 Jun 2014 22:09
Daniel Baker
Posted:  05 Jun 2014 00:23
We have stopped using two years ago as we have a website and found very few if any customers using them.

Tom welsh
Posted:  05 Jun 2014 00:27
Daniel, this is a very interesting question, and one that the network has discussed in the past. 

In summary, we are seeing that companies are strategically positioning their websites and bypassing the supplier directories.  This is not to say that organizations don't make efforts to be omnipresent in the market place by using free listings on sites where it makes sense; however, marketing professionals  appear to be spedning mroe time at designing and staging their websites in order to drive traffic to obtain more business opportunities.

In tandem with the Search Engine Optimization strategy is the tactic of ensuring visitors hitting the company website are tracked.  Using embedded tracking platforms like Google Analytics (free to an extent) or fee for service tracking services like, sales and marketing professionals are much more proactive today than even a year ago. 

Our office uses SEO technology and tactics such as a searchable blog to drive up our visibility in the on-line market place.  In addition, we use Leadlander and several different services such as 411 and to find contacts of the URLs visiting our site.

Also, if you have yet to do so, you might want to listen to the March 17 sales and marketing exchange that can be found in the Members Only area under the Events Archive section of the website.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Troy Nix
Posted:  05 Jun 2014 15:07   Last Edited By: Blair Rubber
We invest in Web Site tools. These directories do not bring us any business.

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  10 Jun 2014 17:01
Hi Daniel,

Custom Rubber Corp brings in roughly 35% of our inquiries from our website. Existing customers provide the majority of the rest. We have found that the dollars spent on Thomas Net or other lists are better spent updating our website or purchasing additional add words.

John Bellett