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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / MSDS to SDS for Lab Formulations
Posted:  21 May 2014 22:18

We are a Rubber Mixing facility.  What are other polymer companies doing with changing from MSDS's to SDS's in the Lab formulations?  We have already completed the purchasing raw material SDS's. But, with so many compounds going into Lab formulations we just wanted some input on how other Rubber Mixing facilities are handling this very detailed SDS. Thank You


Posted:  23 May 2014 15:30
“Blair Rubber Co. produces uncured and cured, calendered rubber sheet stock.  Cured stock is classified as an article or finished good, and therefore, does not require an SDS.  Our uncured rubber is sold and shipped as a mixture.  There are many potential resources on the internet that can be used for an initial start on the documentation changes.  Blair has engaged the services of MSDSon-line for support of the document configuration.“ ...
However- selling uncured rubber seems to reveal formulations which is highly objectionable. There must be a better way?

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  28 May 2014 16:29   Last Edited By: Caterpillar, Inc.

When you say your uncured rubber is sold and shipped as a mixture - what documentation is going with that?  An MSDS/SDS for each compound?  How do you handle things internally for the cured sheet stock before cured, or for multi-pass compounds that may sit between passes? (I.e. do you make a MSDS for internal purposes, fall back to MSDS's for the raw ingredients in the mixture, etc.)

Thank you,

Daniel Hodgen
Posted:  03 Jun 2014 22:49
Hello Dan,
Dave asked me to provide your answer. 
We send an MSDS with our product when sold. 

For multi-pass compounds, we identify the material with work-in-process labels.  We provide safe handling practices for our employees and they have access to our MSDS library.  MSDS documents are required for in-process handling within a facility.  "Sheet stock before cure" materials, as you stated, are still considered uncured WIP, and therefore, do not require MSDS travelers.

For raw materials, we certainly fall back to our vendor's documentation.  There can be no better handling or documentation than the supplier's statements.

Gregg Reinmann