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Posted:  15 May 2014 03:03
We have a customer from Europe which is building a manufacturing facility in the US.  They are having difficulty locating a mold maker that can hold the tolerances they require.  Additional specifics are:

1.  Location: Southwest US

2. Mold Design:  Compression with tool design provided by customer.

3.  Tools are for O-rings, 4-8 cavities with tolerances (+/- 0.01 mm to 0.02 mm)

4.  Steel: EN8

Can anyone provide a list of referrals which may be able to make these tools?  Business name, contact and e-mail would be very helpful. Thanks

Regan McHale
Posted:  15 May 2014 23:23
I recommend that you contact OCS Stampi.  This is an Italian mold manufacturer that specializes in O-ring molds.

The contact name is Dr.  Alba della Volta - Sales Executive

Telephone:  +39  035  933 487
Mobile:     +39  349  700 48 63

Scott Early - DESMA
Posted:  15 May 2014 23:51
Thanks Scott.  I will pass this along.  I know they would like to have a supplier in the US.  Do you know of anyone in the US you could recommend?

Regan McHale