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Posted:  07 May 2014 22:12
We are currently using a Nylon 6,6 film ~.001" thick with a proprietary release coating on both sides for FKM cured sheet roll. Product with film is vulcanized in a steam autoclave at 330F. The FKM material ranges from 55-75 Shore A durometer, with a thickness of 0.010" - 0.093". The manufacture of the nylon film has discontinued the product several years ago. We have tried several other manufactures of Nylon film, but none was successful. We need a source for a suitable replacement and/or an alternative to the film. The problem is not finding film, but finding a film with an effective release coating. Any recommendations?
Posted:  07 May 2014 22:50
Have you looked at Dupont's Tedlar?  It is available in 1 mil and is very heat resistant.  It is PVF, so it should release well without release coating.

Paul Knutson
Posted:  08 May 2014 14:46

I do not believe we have tried the Tedlar. I will look into that product. Thank you for the reference.

Brian Chandler
Posted:  08 May 2014 14:50
They could try coating a film with our Trasys 818 release coating.
Jim Ressler
Stoner Inc