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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Equipment / Hagglunds drives on rubber mills
Posted:  05 May 2014 14:20
We currently utilize the traditional motor/gearbox drive system for all our mills.  We are considering a twin Hagglunds driven mill which will provide for independent roll speeds and save energy. The pricing on these mills is substantial.  Can anyone provide their experiences with these systems?  Did you see energy savings, Did the hydraulics leak?  All comments welcome.

Regan McHale
Posted:  05 May 2014 17:41   Last Edited By: Portage Precision Polymers
I have used a Hagglunds driven mill before.  It made a world of difference for processing.  I was not monitoring it for energy savings at that time so am not sure the exact savings.  I know the power draw was much less compared to an a/c or d/c drive mill.  We never had an issue with any fluid leaks.  I believe that mainly comes down to the installation.  If installed correctly you shouldn't have any fluid leak issues.  If you are considering this purchase mostly for energy conservation I am not sure you will justify your investment.  However if you are looking at this purchase to improve processing and capabilities I think you will be very happy with the decision.

Erick Sharp
Posted:  12 May 2014 01:17
Thanks Erick!

Hope all is going well.  Regan