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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Healthcare Costs - Need Some Comparison Info
Posted:  01 May 2014 23:09
ARPM Community,

Like everyone, we've been having some challenges with our healthcare costs, and any info on the following would be really helpful. 

What do your premium increases look like? Are your participation rates changing? Are you having to pass more of the cost on to your employees? How has ObamaCare impacted you?

Don Patt
Posted:  02 May 2014 15:24
Good Morning Don,

Our last 3 increases were 9%, 11% and 13%.  Last year we moved our renewal from Feb.2014 to Dec. 2013 to delay the law.  The implementation was extended 1 year anyway.  Last year we moved from a low deductible to high deductible plan where we self insured a portion of the deductible.  Our deductibles are $3000 single and $6000 family.  Eagle picks up $2250 and $4500 of the deductible through an HRA arrangement leaving our employee with $750 single and $1500 family.  It is expected that 35% of your group will max out deductibles.  In our case we saved money if less than 70% maxed out the deductible.  Hope this helps.  Regan McHale