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Posted:  02 Jan 2014 19:57
We recently had a brand new rubber injection machine delivered to us with significant damage to it due to the negligence of the trucking company.  We asked the manufacturer of the press to arrange transportation with a reputable company that they had experience with and that would be fully insured.  The press arrived with bent metal components, broken indicator lights, evidence of exposure to mud, gravel and water intrusion, and obvious signs that the press had been moved from one end of the trailer to the other (probably without proper lifting technique to avoid press damage)during its travels.  We are now waiting for the manufacturer to get back to us about how they will remedy the situation. 
Unfortunately, more often then not, when we have had presses shipped to us they arrive with some damage, which obviously can be very expensive, not only in repairs, but in lost production time, delays in orders, but also in time lost and wasted in negotiating and scheduling the repairs.  What do other members do to minimize the chances of damage to equipment when shipped, and what are your experiences with this kind of thing?

Daniel Baker
Posted:  02 Jan 2014 20:12
Daniel - we've had luck in sending our own maintenance folks to supervise the disassembly, crating & loading to make sure extra care is taken with all steps.  It is a bit more expensive to do so, but as you've probably found out it can save money on the receiving end.

Joel Edwards
Posted:  02 Jan 2014 20:18
Daniel we also do as Gates wrote. But also use our own transportation contract with insurance so we can get compensated for any damage.
Posted:  02 Jan 2014 23:09
Daniel,  we had a similar situation with a press from Italy although it was damaged beyond repair when the truck flipped over in transit.  Unfortunately, we had the press manufacturer arrange the insurance and they used an Italian company that ultimately paid only a fraction of the cost associated with shipping the press back to Italy, the repairs, and shipping it back to us.
After collecting all we could from the insurance company we had to sue the trucking company for the balance.  We ultimately were about $10k short and had a huge delay in starting the machine up.
That was the only time we did not contact our insurance company and take out a transportation policy for the value of the machine.  Those policies are very, very inexpensive and if you get it from your own insurance company the speed of claim payment is generally pretty quick.
Given your situation, I think you're doing the best you can - press the machine maker and find out who the insurer is that was supposed to cover the transportation.
I'll be in the office next week if you want to give me a call to discuss further.  Good Luck.