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Posted:  14 Dec 2013 00:10
Custom Rubber Corp. is finding that domestically priced tooling is a big hurdle that's standing in the way of us getting new business.  I'm not sure if our competitors are using off shore sources or subsidizing domestic tools.
Does anyone have a good off-shore tooling source that they are willing to share?  I'm assuming we'll have to do the tool design for them.  What I don't know is how can I get a quote without doing the tool design (I don't want to take the time to design the tool if I'm not going to get the job).
Thanks, Charlie

Charlie Braun
Posted:  14 Dec 2013 01:34
Hi Charlie;
We have found that tooling cost has been a factor in our losing some new bids also.  I don't know of a good offshore source, but would also like to know of any that can make a good quality tool.  I get emails every day from Chinese companies who are offering plastic mold making services but have yet to find one that knows how to make rubber molds and can make them to the standard of quality we are used to here in the US. 

Dan Baker
Posted:  14 Dec 2013 21:08

Wabtec Rubber Products & Longwood Elastomers has had poor results when sourcing tooling offshore. We too have had out tooling prices challenged. We have had offshore (China & India) experiences where lead times have been favorable only to find upon receipt that the requested metal to be used was not to specification, cavity dimensions were not acceptable, etc. Pricing has been with mixed results.

In every case we have supplied the tool drawings.
In short, we too are interested in a reliable offshore tooling source.


Darren Beatty
Posted:  16 Dec 2013 00:30
I will be meeting with manufacturing executive tomorrow that owns a plastics manufacturing operation in China.  He has a strong network of tooling companies and builds many in country.  I will ask about his network and any recommendations he might be willing to share.

I have also sent several emails to professaionals who I know have extensive tooling building networks and am waiting for responses.

Thank You!

Troy Nix
Posted:  08 Jan 2014 21:25
Dear ARPM Thread Members:

I just completed a conversation held with Kelly Goodsel the owner of Viking Plastics located in Cory, PA.  Kelly owns a processing compnay in China and has invested in tooling resources.  He indicated that if any of you have a SAMPLE RFQ that he would send it out, get numbers, get back to those intersted.  For those assesing the situation, he indicated that "If after the first RFQ, we stink… we won’t waste a lot of each others time."

Kelly Goodsel
Viking Plastics
1 Viking Street
Corry, PA 16407
(814)-664-8671 ext. 112

With this said, I am making the attempt to link with another resource on Friday who arrives back from a month's stay in China to obtain more information on his tooling network. 

Please stand by...

Posted:  30 Jan 2014 23:39
Just wanted to check to see if anyone has followed up with Kelly Goodsel on overseas tooling needs.

Troy Nix
Posted:  31 Jan 2014 00:14
Custom Rubber is setting up home and away visits with Viking Plastics in the next 4-6 weeks.  This is on the agenda.

Posted:  19 Mar 2014 18:19
We are attempting to identify some reliable Chinese mold makers and have received some quotes.  They are asking for 50% down with order and the balance to be paid prior to shipping.  Does anyone have any experience with dealing with offshore suppliers like this?  Even our domestic suppliers don't ask for payment prior to shipment, we pay on Net 30.  I don't see how this could be workable when there is a high probability that there could be issues with the tooling that either require repairs here or sending molds back to China for rework.

Dan Baker