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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / rebates for lower energy consumption equipment
Posted:  28 Oct 2013 17:18
I heard at the rubber show that it may be possible to get rebates from government for new equipment purchased which use less energy than existing equipment. It may also apply just because it is new equipment.
If this is true it would help further the cost justification for new equipment. What I need to know is how to proceed in getting this information.
Posted:  28 Oct 2013 17:26

We have used the Rapid Rebate Program through DP&L for variable speed compressors, etc..  Presses would fall under the Custom Program or possibly variable speed motors.
See the following url: ...

DP&L would have to calculate the reduction is energy usage to determine the rebate amount.


Posted:  28 Oct 2013 18:53
This sounds like it may fall under the R&D/R&E Tax credit. Mueller Prost, a partner of ARPM can help you navigate this.
Just contact Mike Devereux at 314.862.2070 or for more information.

(You can also find out more about this tax credit from the Cost Reduction Programs under our Members tab as well!)