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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Silicone Sheet producer needed
Posted:  28 May 2008 03:21
Dorel Juvenile Group, a MAPP member is in need of an injection molder who can perform a gas assist process for a part with the following requirements: Material: Polypropylene Part Size: 2" diameter handle, 18x20 part size Press Size: 400-500 ton EAU: 10,000 The mold for this part is arriving from overseas in July and we will need a company to run the part beginning in August. We will need about 2,000 parts per month and would prefer to work with an organization that is in close proximity to Columbus, OH. If you have the capability and capacity to do the work, please send me your contact and company profile information.

Craig Meyers
Posted:  19 Jun 2008 18:43
We will have that capability in mid July.  Did you find someone yet?  We are located 25 miles west of Cleveland.  Thanks.

Dawn Reichlin
Posted:  21 Jun 2008 23:16
Dawn, for the plastics molding job listed above, I actually sent Craig Meyers of Dorel a direct an email on Friday, June 20th, to see if he still needed help.  I left your information in case he has been unable to find a gas assist injection molder to manufacture his 2" diameter plastics handle.

Thanks for using MAPP's Forum, please stay tuned for more business related sales leads for plastics molding opportunities.
Posted:  13 Sep 2013 21:57
ARPM received a call for an individual looking for a U.S. supplier to produce 12" x 12" clear silicone sheets 2 - 5 mm thick with custom texture on one side.  If you are able to provide this service please contact:
Brian Harvey
Chicago, IL