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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Reporting Structure on off-shift
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 01:56
We are trying to figure out the best reporting structure for our off shift. 
Do people typically have maintenance and processing staff report to the off-shift supervisor or do they report to their department managers (who presumably works on day shift)?

Charlie Braun
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 17:03
We have all shift formen report to an Assistant Superintendant, who generaly works 5 days a week on day shift. we work 24/7 and this works well because the formen are accountable for there shifts. We are however develping a reporting form that requires a check off on all production lines so we know on the off shift that all production parameters on the machinery is being monitored. Like a log book.

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 22:20
Dear Dave,
Do you have maintenance people or process people on the off shifts?  If so, do they report to the Assistant Superintendent or to the shift foremen?


Posted:  25 Jun 2013 01:09

We are currently doing 2 (ten hour) shifts in production.  Our maintenance team works three (eight hour) shifts.  This gives maintenance four hours of down time each day for PMs and one day per week for projects.  We are getting pretty busy and will soon have to convert to three shifts around the clock.  I have our maintenance techs reporting into our maintenance manager however they still get day to day functional instructions from the shift supervisors.  Our supervisors and departmental managers work great together so that helps make this work smoothly.