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Posted:  19 Jun 2013 15:45
I am curious what function within your organization is responsible for creation and maintenance of bill of material and router documents.
Posted:  19 Jun 2013 16:55
The responsibility of the creation of the routing order and new bill of materials resides with our technical operations staff.  Maintenance of our ERP systems is accomplished by our materials staff.

Posted:  19 Jun 2013 18:40
Planning. Basically the same as the Technical Operations staff above.
Posted:  20 Jun 2013 22:20
Hey Kirkā€¦..its mixed but, typically we have an Engineering Change Control function in the Technology group for new MTO products. However, with our migration to SAP ongoing maintenance and upkeep of item masters, BOMs, and routers are governed from our material planning dept. Hope this helps.

Tim J
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 16:14
The BOM is entered by Customer Service initially.  If needed Sales can do it in a pinch.  Finance also has the ability to make changes when needed.  The routers are handled by Quality.  CS is the back-up for that process. 

Debbie S
Posted:  21 Jun 2013 19:20
Thanks for all your input.  It is very helpful