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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Company needs help with Open Cell Foam Rubber Gasketing at Stop logs
Posted:  16 Apr 2013 21:38
The ARPM office received a call from an engineering company needing a manufacturer who can assist with the following:

"Thank you very much for helping us with finding the material which is specified for the gasketing at the stop logs on a levy in Northeastern PA.

The specifications are as follows:
1.    Foam rubber provided shall be open cell type
2.    Uncompressed thickness will be determined by manufacturer based on the following:
a.    Minimum uncompressed thickness shall be 2 inches
b.    Foam rubber pad shall compress to mass under 1.0 to 2.0 PSI with the resulting void-free thickness equaling ½” ± 1/8”.
c.    Foam rubber pad provided shall not suffer any permanent compression set under 5 PSI loading.
d.    Submit product data sheet and 1 foot square sample for approval.
3.    Provide abrasion and UV protective coating on top and bottom as recommended by the manufacturer. Sides of foam rubber pad are not to be coated.
Please contact Ross Leslie at"