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Posted:  27 Apr 2018 15:03
In the spirit of the season and doing some “spring cleaning”, our law firm recommends that manufacturers take the time annually to review and update their sales terms and conditions (“T&C’s”).  If structured properly, T&C’s can provide an opportunity to shift risk that can translate into real dollars and cents.  All too often, insufficient attention is given to fine-tuning warranties, specifying limitations on remedies, disclaiming damages that can cause exposure to sky rocket, limiting indemnification obligations and ensuring the proper contractual provisions exist to deal with non-paying customers.  T&C’s impacts nearly every transaction of a business and each dollar coming in the door, so the importance of making sure yours are “state of the art” cannot be overstated.  We welcome the opportunity to help you in reviewing and updating T&C’s and offer a special member pricing to do such that. 

Joe Keglewitsch, Ice Miller LLP (; (614) 462-2279)