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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Credit Card Payments from Customers
Posted:  23 Apr 2018 20:40
What are the typical credit card terms offered by Manufacturing companies to their customers paying via credit cards?  Any fees passed thru?

Matt Henderson
Posted:  23 Apr 2018 21:59
We used to accept credit card payment, but so few of our customers took advantage of it, and the fee that we were charged for them using the service was crazy so we discontinued the process.  I very rarely have anyone ask if we accept CC payments anymore.

Marel Riley-Ryman
Posted:  23 Apr 2018 22:13
Thank you
Posted:  23 Apr 2018 23:25
For spare parts we get credit card purchases, but it is difficult to add the cost of Master Card or worse American Express. It is a convenience thing more than a cost.
Although there has been a few times where customers thought they could buy the whole press with CC, then we add the 3% if they continue or refuse order if not.
Posted:  24 Apr 2018 16:06
We have a large number of customers pay us by credit card. We found we don't spend as much time requesting payment.  We do not charge for the credit card.

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  18 May 2018 22:23
We accept payment via credit card and have had no issues with it.  It gives us immediate payment, saving us having to get prepayment from some customers who have had past issue with prompt payment and that offsets the credit card fees somewhat. 
I believe a merchant cannot legally add a charge for credit card fees. 

Daniel Baker