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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Urgent need for a cracker mill
Posted:  18 Apr 2018 23:16
Urgent need for a cracker mill with 36" length and 20" diameter open rolls.
One roll smooth, second roll serrated.
Need immediate pickup and delivery to Superior Tire & Rubber Corp., Inc.

Please contact Paul Blasco at
814-723-2370 x 130 or cell 814-706-3703.

If individual rolls are available with this general description, more details on specific dimensions needed can be provided

Paul Blasco
Posted:  18 Apr 2018 23:31
Progressive Metallizing & Machine in Akron Ohio 330-784-4717. I was down there in March and I believe they had 3 cracker mills for sale. Tell them Jerry Wear at Custom Rubber Corp. reffered you to them. They can also customize the mill to your needs. Best of luck.

Posted:  23 Apr 2018 22:01
We were able to source a roll from Gomaplast Machinery, Inc. and expedite the machining through Erie Mill and Press Co.
Both outstanding companies with outstanding capabilities and service.

Paul Blasco