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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / PLM Systems for Tracking BOMs and Specifications
Posted:  16 Apr 2013 00:26
ARPM Peers:
Can I get your feedback on PLM (product lifecycle management) systems in use at your facilities, including advantages and disadvantages?  Do you use a homegrown or off-the-shelf system to store your formula recipes & mix instructions, as well as product bills of materials and process specifications?  Thanks in advance

Joel Edwards, Gates Corporation
Posted:  16 Apr 2013 03:49

We have our own homegrown system for specifications.  We continue to try to move it to off-the-shelf software but with so many years of legacy and the fact that we have tied in our own home grown "Engineering Change" system it is not that easy.  We are in the process of looking at a new one now and I will let you know if we make good progress.

Kirk Bowman
Posted:  16 Apr 2013 04:56
Thanks, Kirk - we have a mixture of both homegrown and some specs on an off the shelf system.  Integrating either type of system to our ERP systems requires some planning but can pay off when done right.

Joel Edwards
Posted:  16 Apr 2013 13:15
We are also going through the integration period into our new ERP system.  We have taken this process in small steps and during each transition we run both systems side by side for a few weeks to ensure everything functioned as we hoped.  It is a longer process then what was initially thought however we are seeing the payback already and have not even finished the full integration.

Erick Sharp