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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Raw Material Prices
Posted:  16 Feb 2018 16:10
Does anyone have a source for historical raw material prices
for typical cures, fillers and polymers?

With prices going up across the board the more ammunition to support price increases would be appreciated

Don DeMallie
Posted:  26 Feb 2018 21:10
While it may not be a good source for absolute prices on raw materials, the Federal Reserve Economic Database (FRED) can be a good source for analyzing trends in prices.  You can select categories of commodities and even set up automatic downloads to Excel for this purpose.
Posted:  01 Mar 2018 01:03
Please find and use the below web addresses to see the volatility in natural rubber and chlorobutyl pricing.  Chlorobutyl and other non-natural rubber  prices are driven from their feed stock, crude oil. 

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  01 Mar 2018 15:14
Thanks all