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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Scrap Benchmark
Posted:  16 Nov 2017 21:42
Wanted to benchmark my scrap % of sales within the industry. Please provide what your typical scrap % of sales are. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Posted:  20 Nov 2017 18:54
Around 3% Plus or minus .5%

Dave Jentzsch
Posted:  20 Nov 2017 20:19
We are running about 4.4%, which is higher than previous years and higher than I would like.

Patti Widmar
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 19:27
Are your numbers defect scrap or total process scrap and defect scrap combined?

Bonnie Smail
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 21:59
Ours is Process and Defect scrap combined.
Posted:  29 Nov 2017 22:17
Ours is both process and defect scrap combined.

Patti Widmar
Posted:  13 Apr 2018 20:26
May I ask if you all are compounding or running extrusion profiles?

Thank you,

Kip Alspach
Posted:  16 Apr 2018 17:11
Blair Rubber - Compounding and sheet calendaring.