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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Working a weekend shift
Posted:  15 Nov 2017 22:51
We currently work 4 ten hour shifts Monday - Thursday and considering a Friday - Sunday 12 hour shift?  Does anyone have a shift like this and if so: Do you pay a differential? What are the hours?  Do you pay 36 hours a week or do they work 4 during the week?  Any other recommendations / thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks Regan McHale

Regan McHale
Posted:  16 Nov 2017 20:29

We did this for a period of time at P3.  I did not do a shift differential.  The perk to the weekend crew was that we paid them for 40 hours of work when they worked 36.  We had some requirements setup to qualify for the 4 bonus hour (wasn't late, etc.)  It was enough to incentivize some of our core operators to transfer to the weekend crew. 

Erick Sharp
Posted:  11 Jan 2018 15:02
We currently have a Friday-Sunday shift, 6am-6pm & 6pm-6am.  We do not pay a shift differential, but we did increase the hourly rate by $1.00 because they are self-sufficient.  They are given a list of priorities and manage it themselves.  They're also first responders and can be worked anywhere in the building.  They get 36 hours but can volunteer for additional hours with the other M-F OT list.

Nanette McFadden