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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Employee Appreciation and motivation
Posted:  31 Oct 2017 22:53
I'm curious how other companies recognize good employees, motivate them/reward them. Any new or innovative ideas?

Ed Dougherty
Posted:  03 Nov 2017 21:44
Ed, we are a smaller operation and the first part of my response to your question may sound silly, but we put a great deal of emphasis on verbal recognition which involves simply telling an employee that they are doing are have done a good job on a project.  I have found that the younger generation appreciates this more and more.  I feel this is missing in many organizations, so I do my best as a leader to recognize quality and good work habits.

I also encourage team members to ensure they are expressing their gratitude to others for the work they do; especially when it impacts them.  When a team member takes the time to pull you aside and tell you how much you impacted them, it means a great deal.

Also, having supervisors and mid-level managers spend time with employees is something I see best in class companies doing well.  Small group lunches and coffee time is excellent as employees feel appreciated when they are included.

Troy Nix
Posted:  05 Dec 2017 17:42
Thanks Troy.