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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Accident Investigations
Posted:  24 Jul 2017 21:37
We are looking for best practices for conducting accident investigations...
Posted:  03 Aug 2017 19:47
Accident Investigations

1. Secure the work site.  Make sure that nothing gets tampered with or changed so you can get all applicable information.  If the scene is unsafe as is, make sure to document and then remedy the conditions so the site is approachable.

2.  Make sure to Lockout/Tagout any equipment involved, if necessary, until the investigation is complete. 

3. Take pictures of the scene so you can refer back during the entire investigation.  Again, if the scene is unsafe, take your pictures and then immediately remedy the unsafe conditions.

4. Interviews parties involved and witnesses.  Ideally this should be done as soon as possible after the incident happens.  This will ensure the events are fresh in everyone's mind.

5. Remember that you are looking for FACTS and not FAULTS.

6.  Review the incident history of the parties involved to see if there is a trend.

7. Review with the supervisor/manager how long the involved parties have been doing this job and if they are trained and authorized for it.

8.  Use the "5 Why's" to try to determine the root cause and any other causal factors.

9.  Use all applicable data to analyze the situation to determine why the incident happened, and ultimately form corrective actions to make sure it doesn't happen again.

10.  Finalize the investigation and release equipment for operations.

Matt Moorhouse