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Posted:  04 Apr 2017 16:49
We are Impact Control Wheel LLC-- a startup company located in St. Louis Missouri.  We have a patented shock absorbing wheel and are in need of a forward thinking manufacturer to produce the custom tire needed to fit around our wheel.  Our initial target market is the commercial zero turn mower industry.  The tire we need is approximately 6" wide, 13" in diameter with a 7" through hole.
We think it needs to be made of foam rubber encased in a thin layer of SBR.  However--we're not rubber experts and are open to other types of rubber options. Made in America is important to us.

We know the tire can be made--I've attached cross section photos of a wheel barrow tire we purchased at Home Depot that would be perfect if manufactured to our specs (no tread needed).  I can supply a detailed CAD to interested companies. 

The zero turn mower industry is the tip of the iceberg.  Our wheel has far reaching applications for many industries.  Click on our website to view the video of our wheel to get an idea of the potential. (the website and video will be upgraded). The website shows both a front and rear wheel application. Our current focus is the front wheel.

Interested companies may contact me via email.

Thank you,

Rich Hughes
Impact Control Wheel LLC

Rich Hughes