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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Verbiage for quotes
Posted:  28 Feb 2017 19:13
I am looking for some input regarding the verbiage companies use for quoting the lead time for mold completion. We have used a note stating a certain number of weeks after receipt of the order but we have run into situations where we do not receive customer approval on the final part design (with parting line, gate, etc.) in a timely manner, they change the design, etc. I would appreciate any input.

Pat Bloom
Posted:  28 Feb 2017 21:14
For orders that require a first article for approval, on my quotes I will state the following for lead time:

4-5 weeks for first article for approval
3-4 weeks after approval granted for shipment of order.

That way if there is 2 days or 2 months between the first article shipping and approval, there is a clear expectation of when the order will ship.

Posted:  01 Mar 2017 17:40
Mr. Bloom,

As I read your question, I was starting to wonder if you are one of my mold builders since as a Tool Engineer responsible for bringing the new tools into BAPM I do the same to my builders.  I understand your dilemma.  While you are free to put any verbiage you feel necessary in the documentation you use that is not really the problem.  The problem is that there is always shifting requirements, new information that comes up or just plain someone in charge wants a change.  Many of the changes I ask for after the PO is issued are caused by my customer or just trying to get the different factions within a company to agree on something.  Tooling is a large outlay of cash and you really only get one chance to make it right and that drives a lot of last minute changes.

I try to keep a good relationship with my mold builders.  I try to encourage them to give me the truth even when it is not what I want to hear.  I encourage them to be up front with me, if my action will result in a change of ship date, cost or other change to the product I want to know as soon as possible.  I have found that, at least in the automotive world that deadlines are not as hard and fast as they may first appear and that the sooner I know and can report an issue the easier it is to fix it.  The longer something festers the worse it will be for everyone.  So, with all of that said I encourage you to build a relationship with your customer.  Get to know and understand their issues and what drives them.  You will provide a better product and have a more satisfied customer.


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