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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Potential customer
Posted:  22 Feb 2017 21:34
The ARPM offices received a call today from a potential customer looking for the following:

"I am in the hunt for a company that produces rubber materials. Our current vendor is not up to par on lead time and product satisfaction.
We use this product for our livestock equipment. It has cattle, bulls and any livestock you can think, that walks on this material so it has to be strong and durable.

Here are the specs that we currently use...

2" x 6" x 16' pieces
Grooved on one side

If we could get them cut to the size we need them to be, that would be good too. Those sizes would be 2" x 6" x 32 3/4" , 2" x 6" x 138" , and 2" x 6" x 24"."

If your company is able to produce this, please contact:
Alison Lute
W-W Manufacturing
1-580-302-5602 ext 100