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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Rubber Industry Recruiter?
Posted:  02 Dec 2016 23:52
Has anyone found any recruiters who specialize in our industry? I am hoping to draw on the experience of the network so any that you  may have had good luck with?  Thanks for your help.

Randy Dobbs
Posted:  03 Dec 2016 00:15
Try the following:

Management Recruiters of Akron

Mike Gerst

R A Moner
Posted:  03 Dec 2016 00:23
During the Rubber Expo in Pittsburg, i had a company approach regarding recruitment who was pretty sharp, said they know the rubber industry. Not sure what type of person you are looking for, at the time i was looking for technical sales. I think i found one, but through my normal networking capabilty.
The name of the recruiter:
Philip Lamb 412 220 0777

timothy r graham
Posted:  04 Dec 2016 16:13
Randy - what type of people are you looking to find?
Charlie Braun
Custom Rubber Corp.

Charlie Braun
Posted:  05 Dec 2016 18:17
We have used Robin Graves from Midland Consultants with success in the past.

Phone: 440-971-0684


Posted:  06 Dec 2016 00:06
Thanks all for suggestions.

Charlie, we are looking for process engineer.  Thanks.

Randy Dobbs