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Posted:  11 Apr 2013 02:25
I'm interested to know what types of effective daily meetings other companies use.  I want to avoid having too many meetings, but I'm concerned our current structure does not do enough.
Specifically I'm interested in:
- what time is your daily meeting
- who attends
- what is the agenda
- how frequently (daily, 3x per week, etc.)


Charlie Braun
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 15:03
Charlie, our plants have daily meetings at 8am.  The attendees include plant management.  They just discuss general performance and any issues.  After the meeting they do a plant board walk to review metrics in each area of the plant and look for items that have shown up on the daily newspaper (posted on the boards).  There are many other regular meetings to numerous to discuss in the blog, but I would be happy to discuss with you or trade e-mails.

Kirk Bowman
Posted:  11 Apr 2013 18:54
We have a 1 hr weekly meeting with management on Mondays at 3:00 PM.  Discuss sales, production scheduling, quality, customer complaints, HR, Safety, & environmental issues. We work in a fast paced 2 week order cycle. Some topics are only discussed once a month.

1 hr Monthly safety and quality meeting for all production crews. Crew training will also be done.

Daily 1/2 hr meeting between, QA, Production Scheduling, & shift manageres @ 2:00 PM. Handle rush orders, scrap, seconds, and redo's, etc.

Monthly Board Meeting (1.5 Hrs): GM, Contoller, QA MGR, Sales MGR, Plant MGR. Review last months numbers, Projects, goals, & Action Plans.

Posted:  16 Apr 2013 14:07
We have an 8:30 daily morning meeting.  In that meeting we try to have a representative from each area of the business.  It is a 20 minute meeting that covers Safety, Quality, Productivity, Materials, and "Other".  At first it may seem like a large investment (20 minutes of everyone's time every day) but we quickly realized how much time it was saving by having everyone on the same page and aware.  It also cut down on the need to have many of the other meetings we previously we holding regularly.

Erick Sharp
Posted:  05 Jun 2013 20:44
We have revamped our daily meeting into a quick, 5-15 minute update covering all areas; shipping, credit hold, late jobs, etc.
It's working well.
Thanks everyone for your thoughts and suggestions.

Charlie Braun
Posted:  05 Oct 2013 22:14
Charlie, I am currently re-reading the 2 Second Lean Book by Paul Akers. If you have yet to read this book, I would encourage you to do so as it is extremely refreshing.  Paul talks about building his culture and it all started with the morning meetings.  He has a picutre of his agenda in that meeting and talks about the significance of each meeting segment.  I enjoy the fact that they are focused on the education and training of their people.

If you have the book, go to page 61.  If you don't have the book, I will bring you one and introduce you to Paul Akers at the Benchmarking Conference!

Troy Nix