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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Dip Molder Needed for Neoprene / Nitrile Rubber
Posted:  30 Sep 2016 18:22
Dear ARPM Members:

JB Enterprises Parts has a customer who is quoting a package and is looking for a company who does dip molding of neoprene / nitrile rubber.

Is there anyone in the ARPM Group that does dip molding or can refer to someone who does?

If you can post to the website or contact Jeremy it would be very much appreciated.

Jeremy S. Belshaw
JB Enterprises Parts Detailing, LLC
Phone: 440-309-4984
Cell: 440-341-6078
Email: sales(at sign)

Troy Nix
Posted:  30 Sep 2016 23:09
Hello Jeremy, wish I was still in that field...but you should call Bob Oborn at Kent Elastomers.  Dip molding is what they do, and they certainly do neoprene and natural.  I'm not sure about nitrile, but they could.  tel:+18003314762
If you need additional ideas, give me a call.
Gregg Reinmann

Gregg Reinmann