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Posted:  12 Jul 2016 23:29
I have a potential customer who is very interested in having an outside consultant come to their facility and advise them on their capabilities, improvements etc. They currently run Bipel compression machines, they are not interested in getting sold, but getting help. Maybe their approach is up to current standards. This may also be a good opportunity to show how the ARPM works together.
If there is a compression consulting type, please let me know.

tim graham
Posted:  13 Jul 2016 14:31
Tim - I have a gentleman that I think could be a great fit - Please feel free to call me at 336 996 7776 to discuss, or I can call you.
George Halages

George Halages
Posted:  13 Jul 2016 18:21
Mr. Graham,
Ted Nelson with ARDL may also be able to help.  He can be reached at 330-794-6600 to discuss further.
Stan Sadon

Stan Sadon