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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Equipment / Inventory control for Small Expensive Metal Inserts
Posted:  11 May 2016 23:17
We have a new customer and project which will require us to purchase bags of ~10,000 small "pills" shown in the picture below.  The pills are relatively expensive and we are concerned about inventory control and loss.

One idea we have is to pre-package the pills, 64 pcs to a small plastic bottle - each cycle in our process requires 64 pills.  This way we can track how many bottles we issue and limit the potential loss.

I'm looking for some semi-automated way to count and dispense the pills into the bottles.  The pill dimensions are approximately 0.276" in diameter and 0.024" thick.  One side is a thin layer of gold and the other side (gray) is a silicone rubber.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Charlie Braun
Posted:  12 May 2016 16:54
Check this our Charlie.  It should do the trick. ...

Joe Walker
Posted:  12 May 2016 17:29
A secondary method or maybe a check on the method proposed above could be weight based.
Posted:  16 May 2016 14:15
I have worked with a company in Massillon, Ohio who is creative and prompt, at least back in the 90’s.  I don’t have a contact anymore, but they designed several equipment to transfer and position small parts for me when I worked for Abbott Laboratories.
Good luck, Gregg Reinmann

Midwestern Industries

Gregg Reinmann