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Posted:  04 Apr 2013 20:44
I have been looking for FMEA training sources on the web and have had some success but wondered if anyone has a good contract trainer they can recommend?

Kirk Bowman
Posted:  05 Apr 2013 00:16
Kirk, I just polled a couple of busienss owners in the polymer industry, and they indicated that Eastern Michigan University (EMU) has highly qualified Extended Programs and Educational Outreach (EPEOs) offering business leaders with relevant resources to enhance professional development. Below is the course description and the contact information for their FMEA program:

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

Develop a real-world, functional understanding of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and learn how to prevent process problems before they occur. Use this two-day, workshop intensive seminar to identify and reduce process-related failures, save money and improve customer satisfaction.

Seminar Content

Risk and the FMEA

The Nature of Risk
The Failure Sequence
The FMEA Process
FMEA Basics

The Function of the FMEA
FMEA Structure
Who is the Customer?
Who is the Team?
The FMEA as a Living Document
Mapping the Process

The Importance of Understanding the Process
Process Mapping
Identifying the Micro-Flow
Workshop: Mapping your Process Flow
Identifying Failure Modes

Systematically Identifying Potential Failure Modes
Workshop: Identifying Failure Modes
Identifying Effects

Systematically Identifying the Effects
Ranking the Severity
Workshop: Identifying and Ranking Effects
Using the FMEA to Identify Special Characteristics
Identifying Causes

Systematically Identifying the Causes
Ranking Cause Occurrence
Workshop: Identifying and Ranking Causes
Identifying Controls

Prevention vs. Detection
Workshop: Identifying and Ranking Detection Controls
Calculating the Risk Priority Number

Calculating RPN
Using the Rankings to Prioritize Risk Reduction
Completing the FMEA Form

Workshop: Calculating RPN and Completing the AIAG FMEA Form
Risk Reduction Actions

Reducing the Risk Through Prevention
Reducing the Risk Through Detection
Re-evaluating the Risk
Using the FMEA to Build the Control Plan

Workshop: Building the Control Plan from the FMEA
To request a quote for on-site training, contact:

Elena O'Connor, On-site Programs
Phone: (734) 487-4926

Troy Nix
Posted:  05 Apr 2013 06:54
Troy, thanks for the detailed feedback.

Posted:  08 Apr 2013 16:50
We have decided to go with Quality One, a Michigan based firm.  The content seemed to fit better with our needs.  Our training is scheduled for late May so if anyone is interested in how it goes let me know and I can provide feedback later.


Kirk Bowman