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Posted:  13 Nov 2015 22:34
We have more then one mill hooked up to the main power source.  When doing Lock out tag out we can lock everything out for that machine but the actual main power source to all machines are still on.  While listening to LOTO seminar they want us to shut down every machine to work on one because of the main power source.  I know I can not be the only one that has multiple machines hooked up to one power source so I'm trying to find the best solution for this.
Thank You.

Posted:  13 Nov 2015 23:01
How is your power fed to the mills?

I am assuming that by main power source you mean that one electrical disconnect is feeding both mills.

If so you can add a separate lockable disconnect from your power feed to each mill that way each one can be locked out independently. Do not forget that each mill would need all of its energy sources isolated independently (pneumatic, water, etc.)
Posted:  14 Nov 2015 00:04
Our mills have their own power box that can be locked out but it still feeds from a main power source.  I think we are okay but I am just making sure my LOTO procedures and LOTO are completely secure.  Thanks for your help.  I am going to get with our head of maintenance on Monday.
Posted:  16 Nov 2015 15:31
WE agree with Lauren mfg. each mill has a disconnect which is sufficient.