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Rubber Manufacturing Blog / Business / Sheet Rubber Rotocure
Posted:  10 Jun 2015 17:18
Iā€™m looking for someone to calender and someone to rotocure ~600# per year in 400# batches of my SBR polybutadiene blend (tread grade) compound into the widest sheet possible up to 50ā€ x 0.130ā€ +/- 0.005ā€ with a light cloth finish on both sides. In my dreams, one side is very clean and the other is buffed to a 50 grit.

Mike Harness
Posted:  10 Jun 2015 17:39
BRP has the facilities to produce this item @ 48" maximum width.  BRP is limited to 48" width due to the width of our buffing equipment to obtain +/- .005" thickness.  A sample of 5# of the rubber would be needed to determine how well this product will calender.  I am also assuming this material is to be received by your company as a cured rubber product, therefore, rheology information would also help in determining our ability to meet your needs.

Jim Ward