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Posted:  02 Apr 2013 23:37
I am interested in running some extruder trials.  I am particularly interested in extruders with an approximate screw diameter of around 8" and an L/D in the 12-18 category.

Kirk Bowman
Posted:  04 Apr 2013 14:35

Our largest extruder is 4".  We use a company SK Machinery to do alot of our extruder maintenance.  Contact is Soroosh Khoshbin, PH: 330-733-7325, Cell: 330-607-3877 email:  He has been in the industry for a long time and may be able to recommend someone with extruder specifications your looking for.  Regan
Posted:  04 Apr 2013 20:41

Thanks for the information.  We will probably follow up on this lead.  I have been contacted by other members that have potential also.