ARPM... providing its member executives with greater ability to improve company operations while maximizing bottom line profits.
  • ARPM Members possess more leverage to obtain vendor discounts
  • ARPM Members enjoy access to the latest industry trends making them better informed to make decisions
  • ARPM Members retain greater contacts to solutions providers so when answers are needed, the network is ready to help
  • ARPM Members communicate regularly; when members need help, others are waiting to deliver
  • ARPM Members know that their association serves as the international watchdog monitoring hose, sealing and belt standards for the industry.


Within the last 12 months, my company was in a position to negotiate an NDA with a major prospect. We needed advice! I took advantage of the ARPM member benefit with Ice Miller. The responsiveness, thoroughness and efficiency of Josef Keglewitsch and his Rubber Industry Team is unparalleled. Joe is a great attorney and helped my company successfully negotiate the NDA. We know have an on-going relationship with Ice Miller.
This is certainly a nice benefit of being a member of ARPM with a high ROI.

Jim Ressler, Product Manager
Stoner, Inc.
I am a Member of the ARPM because of their leadership and role in keeping the design guidelines for rubber manufacturers current and up to date. ARPM is the only non-tire rubber association that has a seat at the international table with ANSI and ISO.
Being part of a larger Corporation, it’s important for Gates’ voice to be heard on the international stage.

Joel Edwards, Vice President, Global Infrastructure & Ag Busines
Gates Corporation
My team has had several opportunities over the last several months to visit and learn from other rubber manufacturing companies through plant tour events hosted by ARPM. This is an amazing service where executives from all over the United States assemble in one plant to observe best manufacturing practices and identify areas of improvement for the host company. It is one of the most powerful industry events I’ve ever been associated!

Regan McHale, President
Eagle Elastomers, Inc.
Welcome to our new website! I would like to thank all of our members for their patience during this time of improvement and growth. We are thrilled to offer a new and improved website that will allow you to take better advantage of your membership and services.

I invite you to visit a brand new section of our site "Members Helping Members", a members Only section that allows you to communicate and interact with the ENTIRE ARPM MEMBERSHIP at any time!

Troy Nix, Executive Director
ARPM, Inc.
By being a member of ARPM, my company has gained leverage and have improved our profit margins. ARPM is the only true organization that focuses solely on the issues of rubber manufacturers like us! You don’t want to miss being a part of this organization!

Charlie Braun, President
Custom Rubber Corp.

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